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webPD for Teachers

Teachers across the K-12 spectrum subscribe to webPD because each seminar-style video is loaded with practical strategies. Rather than having to learn yet another "literacy program," webPD training videos provide best-practice methods that work in all classrooms and within any existing framework.


Choose grade-specific videos


With dozens of grade-specific video options available, teachers can pick and choose the sessions that best suit their unique classroom needs.

Watch when it's convenient


And whether teachers purchase a one-day subscription to a single video or view a bundle of sessions as part of a larger school subscription, it's easy to access videos any time of the day from any computer, smartphone, or tablet with an Internet connection.



Just say "NO" to boring

Too many teachers have endured professional development sessions that were flat-out boring. It's with this in mind that the literacy experts from Smekens Education have designed each webPD video to be fast-paced, entertaining, and engaging. 

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Learn practical strategies
While every webPD video is rooted in best-practice research and tied to the Common Core, what teachers love most are the ready-to-use strategies that come with each session. Instead of pie-in-the-sky theory, webPD videos provide dozens of classroom-tested ideas that are both practical and effective.

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Pick and choose


Teachers from across the K-12 spectrum can subscribe to webPD videos that are uniquely applicable to teaching reading and writing at their grade level or subject area. With many videos zeroing-in on a span of just two or three grade levels, teachers are able to subscribe to those videos that cater to the unique needs of their own students.

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Don’t break the bank

When the goal is to be a better teacher, educators shouldn’t have to break the bank to get there. That’s why webPD allows teachers to purchase a 24-hour subscription to any video for just $25. While many teachers subscribe independently and watch videos on their own time, some teachers pool their resources with colleagues and watch videos as a team.

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What to expect

  • High-energy presentation with high-impact ideas
  • Practical, best-practice strategies 
  • Downloadable handout to utilize for note-taking
  • Recommendations for free online resources 
  • Opportunities to pause the video and collaborate with peers
  • On-demand access using any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device
  • 100 % Money-back satisfaction guarantee


Lots of engaging ways to present strategies to students that connect to what they understand. Use of consistent language and common icons or triggers will help make connections and encourage growth across grade levels. ~ S. Furgye, Crawfordsville, IN